Friday, February 25, 2011

Having Some Fun

We've managed to schedule two Butoh dance/drawing sessions in the past few months. Got numerous drawings and a couple are starting to find their way onto dry point plates and through the printing process. They both make me chuckle a bit, hope it works for you too.

Speaking of having fun, I was invited to teach a life drawing session at Penny Hanson's North High art class. I thought it would be fun and a complete departure from the norm and have them do a short pose session. Fortunately we had wonderful student models from the dance department who were more than up to the challenge of multiple short poses. The students drew 30 second, 1 minute and 3 minute gestures for half of the session. We were able to do a dance/short pose format for the remainder of the session. Towards the end of the class you could see the students loosen up and start to really enjoy gesture drawing. Ms Hanson has a great group of students who have talent and are a joy to be around. Hopefully I'll get a chance to go back.

I will be showing my work during the entire month of March at the Paisley Violin in Phoenix. I'll be joined by Stu Biscoe, Joan Thompson and Audrey Van Kirk. Hope you get a chance to drop by. Paisley Violin is located in the heart of the Grand Ave art district, 1030 Grand Ave.